Membership is open to all members of the community from Egmont to Port Mellon, Anvil Island, Gambier Island, Bowen Island, Keats Island, Paisley Island, the Trail Islands, North & South Thormandby Island, and Nelson Island.

Membership is for one year, from January to December.

Types of Memberships:

Single $25 – single person, one vote, one spot at workshops

Family $25 – family group, which represents one vote, one spot at workshops

Indicate on our Membership application form, which membership you wish to hold.

Yearly Membership provides you with:

• a vote when voting in our executive board, for each position

•Access to our workshops, speakers, and other SSCFI events

•10% off all plants from Quality Farm and Pets and The Exotic Plant Nursery

•10% off seed, fertilizer and soil amendments at Deluxe Landscaping

• the years Meeting Minutes

• Bulk Buying pricing and seasonal buying programs

To submit your membership, fill out our form here

Membership fees are can be paid via etransfer or at our meetings.

E transfer email:

Question: SSCFI password

Password: farmer

or thru our store

Membership cards and Merchandise can be picked up at Meetings.