Membership is open all people of the community from Egmont to Port Mellon, including all islands from Anvil, Gambier, Keats, Paisley Islets to Pender Harbour, on the Southern Sunshine Coast of BC.

Membership fee is $20 per person or family, per year and is available throughout the year. Valid from January to December

A Membership will provide one with:

• a vote, when voting in the Executive Board and Directors;

• 10% off in-stock plants at Sunshine Coast Nursery, Quality Garden and Pet and the Exotic Plant Nursery;

• bulk buying of commodities;

• notice on upcoming speakers, round table discussions etc;

• financial reports;

• polls and surveys to determine what members want or need, for this community to help them.

Fill out this membership form to join.

Membership fees can be paid thru E-transfer or with cash at Meetings,


password: farmer